Village Road, Denham, Bucks UB9 5BH
01895 83 20 85
the swan inn

Ah... The Swan.

Drop down from the M25's mechanised mayhem and the hidden Englishness of Denham Village is revealed: A moment to find, but a lifetime away. Take a breath; drink in the sights and sounds of sanctuary and step into award-winning Swan's stately embrace. The journey is over. You have arrived.

Inside, The Swan glides serenely across the surface of your expectation: calm and unruffled above but with furious energy belowdecks. You'll hardly notice of course - you're not supposed to.

Dogs welcome at The Swan Inn, Denham
Award winning food from the Award Winning  Swan Inn Denham
Great food in Denham - The Swan Inn, Denham
Excellent service from pubs in Denham - The Swan Inn, Denham
Food with passion - The Swan Inn, Denham
Eating and drinking in Denham at The Swan Inn, Denham
Best pub food in Denham - The Swan Inn, Denham
Dogs, boots and children welcome at The Swan Inn, Denham

Behind the elegant red-bricked exterior lies a shangri-la of sun-dappled terrace and wide-open lawns. You could get lost back there – and people frequently do until hunger or thirst draws them back in.

Eating, drinking - lunch, dinner? It's all as one with only the merest blurring of the lines between those tables booked in advance and the ones left open for the opportunists. Private dining? Well, sort of. A hidden table awaits, complete with its very own drinks hatch. There's a bar of course - it is a pub after all - and you can find a spot there if the mood takes you.

And as you sit in your green and pleasant oasis, drinking in the charm and consuming the good cheer, think of those poor souls away on the road - and silently rejoice.

Smaller plates for smaller people and great “roasts” on Sundays!
Free WiFi and Newspapers
Open all day, every day with food served:

12:00 - 2:30pm & 6:30 - 9:30pm Mon to Thu (10:00pm Fri)
12:00 - 3:00pm & 6:30 - 10:00pm Saturday
12:00 - 9:00pm Sunday (All Day!)